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Violinist Lisa Casal-Galietta has made it her mission to spread the joys of music to everyone she meets. Recalling her first memories of hearing classical music, she is reminded of the record her Grandfather gave her of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. That began her love affair with music. Lisa began her journey on the violin at the age of 8. Since that time, she has earned degrees in performance from both University of Akron and Stony Brook University, and her principal teachers include Linda Sinanian and Alan Bodman.

As a recitalist, Lisa has been invited to perform in the WMP Strad for Lunch concert series, the Edith Brenner Memorial Concert Series, The Rising Stars Concert Series in Bellport, NY, Faust Harrison Pianos, and at the Custer Observatory Chamber Music Series, in Southold, NY, to name a few. Respectively, she has also had the wonderful opportunity to perform with the late Marvin Hamlisch, Randy Newman, Julianne Moore, Johnathan Haas, Marvin Stamm, and Bill Mays.

Lisa has always had an affection for chamber music. Summers spent on scholarship at the Stony Brook Summer Music Festival ignited the fire for the intimate style of performance and from that point she was devoted to pursing a career as a chamber musician. In 2015, Lisa founded the chamber music ensemble, The Red Door Chamber Players. She is one of two violinists, the artistic director and serves as the graphic designer for the group, creating the graphics used for their logo, designs all of the posters and marketing materials. The collective is composed of an unusual blend of strings, winds, piano, organ and voice. The wonderfully talented musicians are dedicated to bring high quality performances to Long Island and surrounding areas thirsting for classical music. They have been recognized for their fun and approachable style of music making. “They’re a welcoming, friendly group of talented musicians dedicated not only to making wonderful music, but to making sure as many people as possible enjoy it,” Alan Missroon, A Red Door To Classical Music, from the Fugue For Thought podcast series which featured Lisa discussing The Red Door Chamber Players. The aesthetic of making “music of friends,” having integrity in the process, and lifting and supporting fellow artists, has been one Lisa has cultivated and continues to do with fellow band mates in the effort to make the world a happier place.

As a freelance violinist she enjoys collaborating with some of the larger ensembles performing in Manhattan like Vari Musicisti and Symphony Orchestra of The America’s. She has also played with the Mansfield Symphony, New Jersey Philharmonic, One World Symphony and for The Akron Ballet. In 2014, Mrs. Casal-Galietta was featured in a concert with Vari Musicisti playing Nicolo Paganini’s Cantabile for violin and piano, with pianist Rob Keiser. The performance was broadcasted on a local television station in Somerville, New Jersey. Lisa also has a love for working with dancers and is the resident violinist of the Impetus Dance Collaborative where they have given performances that join the beauty of chamber music with modern dance under direction of Cathleen Sweeney Deutscher .  

A highlight of her collaborative career has been working with new music ensembles and composers. She has been fortunate to have worked with some of the leading composers and performers of our modern time such as, Eric Ewazen, Peter Winkler, Todd Reynolds, David Lang, Michael Lowenstern, Walter Thompson, Bill Ryan and has recorded and premiered works by Phil Kline.  

One new music ensemble she has had the pleasure of working with is the opera company Rhymes with Opera. She has premiered many of their new chamber operas in both New York and Baltimore such as Red Giant (2014) by Adam Matlock, Manifesto On The Ledge (2015) by Ann Meadors and Heart Break Express, (2015) by George Lam. Besides playing with these talented folk, she has also performed in their Pocket Opera Workshop, premiering several works but talented new composers. At one of the workshops she worked with the gifted composer and pianist Niloufar Nourbakhsh. During that time the two developed a lovely musical friendship. In May 2015 Lisa was invited to perform at Ms. Nourbakhsh’s recital at Spectrum in Manhattan. The duo performed Niloufar’s works She Waltz (2014) for violin and piano and To The Lighthouse (2014) for soprano, mezzo soprano, violin, piano and percussion, performed by and originally premiered by Lisa, Niloufar, Lisa Flanagan, Karen Haydn, and Maiko Hosoda. In 2016, Lisa joined Lisa Flanagan at the Cornelius Cafe to perform Elvis Costello’s Juliette Letters in its entirety. 

Besides loving to perform for a live audience, Lisa also enjoys being in the studio recording for many different artists and genres of music. You can hear her on albums by The New Students, Concetta Abatte, Evan Petruzzi, Brett Gleason, The Humble Boys and White Flash. Some of which will be out later this year.  

Lisa believes in what a positive and encouraging musical education can do for a young mind. She balances her passion of performance with a love for teaching the next generation of young violinists. Lisa has a studio of wonderful young violinists and serves as adjunct violin faculty at Suffolk Community College in Selden, NY. 

 If you would like to contact Lisa for booking information for The Red Door please contact her at reddoorchamberplayers@gmail.com or for booking her for a concert, please email her at info@lisacasal-galietta.com. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook     , she would love for you to stop by and say hello!

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.  Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents"...Ludwig van Beethoven