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Lisa and her husband David Galietta drummer of the band Demon Racer.
Performing with Kat Solar for her video release party at XL nightclub June 2013
Lisa Casal-Galietta, violinist
Front to back:  3 members of the Archipelago String Quartet Jenna Giron-Virgilio, Gregory Williams, Lisa Casal-Galietta
Left to Right: Lisa Casal-Galietta, Diana Brown, Gregory Williams, Jane Hoffman, Greg Weissman, Jenna Girone-Virgilio, Kenneth Zagare
Rhymes With Opera Chamber Music Festival, Premiering Terre Haute, IN by Anthony T. Marasco:
photo credit Sidney Boquiren
left to right:  Maiko 
Hosoda, Lisa Casal-Galietta, Kern Hayden, and Lisa Flanagan